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Welcome to our F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding the Pool Blaster line of Battery Powered Pool Cleaners and our Blue Line of Robotic Pool Cleaners.  We have listed the most frequently asked questions regarding our products.

Before you contact us, see if any commonly asked questions listed answer your specific question(s).




Q: So what is new about the upgraded units featuring the new on/off switch and Lithium Ion batteries?
Push Button Switch – Easier on/off
Lithium Battery – Allows the unit to maintain a higher level of efficiency throughout vacuuming
Charger Adapter – Insert molded contacts on the unit allows the charger adapter to charge the unit without ever having to open the unit
Sealed Switch – Removal of the knob to operate the switch allows the switch area to be permanently sealed without possible water infiltration from consumer use

Q: Which models have been upgraded to Lithium Ion?
A: Volt FX-8, Max, Max CG, iVac 350, Millennium, Max HD

Q: Do I need a cover for the charging port?
A: No. No cover is needed for the charging port. It is completely sealed and waterproof.

Q: Are the lithium batteries safe?
A: Yes. Lithium batteries supplied in Water Tech units have multiple safeties

Q: Can I use my old Pool Blaster Max charger (PB099-US-EU)?
A: No. Use only charger LC099-3S-US-EU new style motor boxes

Q: Is this new motor box compatible with my old shells?
A: Yes. The new motor box is compatible with the old shells of previous models

Q: What do I do if my Pool Blaster has stopped taking a charge?
A: You can call the Water Tech Customer Service Department at (800) 298-8800, or Click Here to access our Return Merchandise Authorization System.

Q: How long will my Pool Blaster product run on a full charge?
A: Pool Blaster MAX and MAX CG - About 1 hour;
Pool Blaster Catfish – About 45 minutes;
Aqua Broom – 3 hours on 1 set of “D” cell batteries

Q: How long will it take to recharge a Pool Blaster?
A: up to 4 hours

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: It is rated at 1,000 hours, or about five years using it as frequently as 200 hours a year, more often than most pool owners will ever use it.

Q: Can I buy a new battery?
A: You must purchase a battery motor box, which contains the battery, motor and electrical components but you probably will not need one for about five years.

Q: How difficult is it to clean and replace the filter bag?
A: It is very easy and should only take you a minute or two to remove, clean and replace the filter bag.We recommend using a garden hose to rinse out the filter.

Q: How long will a filter bag last?
A: That depends on the type of debris you are picking up. Larger debris such as twigs and leaves may punture the bag prematurely but you should get about two seasons depending on usage.

Q: How often should I clean out my Pool Blaster Filter bag?
A: If you notice that the Pool Blaster is not picking up debris as you vacuum the pool, this is an indication that the bag needs to be emptied. The bag should always be emptied at the end of each use to prevent small particles from drying in the fabric and clogging the bag, we recommend using a garden hose to rinse the filter bag.

Q: Are there any hoses?
A: There are no hoses, the Pool Blaster is battery operated, cordless and completely self contained.

Q: What is the minimal inches my cleaner can work submerged?
A: Aqua Broom: 5 in. Catfish: 9 in. w/nose cap 11 in. w/vac head Pool Blaster Max / Max CG: 12 in. w/nose cap 14in. w/vac head Pro 900 15 in. w/nose cap 17 in w/vac head Pro 1500 15 in. w/nose cap 23 in. w/vac head

Q: What do I do if my Pool Blaster unit has stopped taking a charge?
A: You can call the Water Tech call center at (800) 298-8800 prompt #2, or Click Here to access our Return Merchandise Authorization System.

Q: Fine sand and silt is passing through my all-purpose filter bag, what can I do?
A: You can obtain a finer sand & silt bag or optional micro filter bags. You also may want to consider the Extreme multi-layer at this link for partsQ: Fine sand and silt is passing through my all-purpose filter bag, what can I do?
A: You can obtain a finer sand & silt bag or optional micro filter bags at this link for parts

Q. What is the difference between the Max and the Pool Blaster CG?
A: Primarily the differences lie in their features and performance capabilities.

Q. What is the difference between the iVac Aqua Broom & Aqua Broom?
A: The iVac Aqua Broom features 3 times the debris capturing capacity, twice the power and a 30% larger vacuum head compared to the current Aqua Broom model.

Q. What is the difference between the Max and HD?
A: The HD has the same standard features as the Max except the HD provides you with a 40% larger capacity filter bag.


Q: How many models of the  Blue Line are there?
A: There are three residential models (Blue Pearl, Blue Diamond and Blue Diamond Remote control) and one commercial model (Blue Diamond Pro).

Q: How long does it take to clean the pool?
A: Blue Diamond and Blue Diamond Remote: About 1 hour;
Blue Pearl: About 3 hours;
Blue Diamond Pro: About 4 hours.

Q: How do I use it?
A: Just drop in the water, plug the transformer into an outlet and push a button to turn it on. It shuts off by itself and is completely independent.

Q: What does it remove?
A: Bacteria, pollen, dirt, sand, acorns, twigs, small and large leaves and even scrubs the water line dirt.

Q: How do I prevent the cable from tangling?
A: After every use, change the position of the handle opposite of what the current position is.

Q: Pumps water but does not move?
A: Check to see if propeller is damaged; remove debris from propeller; check if drive belts are worn

Q: Does the unit clean stairs?
A: Ultimately, the size of the stairs will determine if the unit can or cannot clean the stairs. (Example. If the unit is wider than the stairs, it is unlikely that it will be effective in cleaning the stairs.)

Q: Power Supply LED lights are blinking:
A: Check if the power supply is on with the unit out of the water
Check if filter bag is full
To restart, press the power button once. Cleaning program will resume from where it left off

Q: My unit does not turn on:
A: Make sure unit is plugged into the power supply and the power supply is plugged into a grounded GFI outlet
Check if outlet has power
Make sure cable plug fits tightly into the power supply
Check cable for cuts or damage
Make sure to press the on button firmly

Q: Unit pumps water but does not move:
A: Remove any foreign matter that may be obstructing the forward / reverse motion
On specific units check drive belts and tracks
Check to see if suction ports are clogged
Make sure filter bags or baskets are clean

Q: What is the proper way to remove the robotic pool cleaner from the water?
A: Pull GENTLY on the cord when the robotic pool cleaner is by the wall in the shallow end, when handle is accessible grab it to remove from the water. Never tug on the cord or remove the robotic pool cleaner from water by the cord.

Q: My robotic pool cleaner is moving but it is not pumping water, why?
A: Check the impeller by removing the outlet top. Most likely the impeller is clogged with hair or lint or some other debris that is causing it to stick.

Q: Unit does not climbs the walls or cover the entire pool
A: Make sure unit purchased was indeed designed to climb walls – some units are designed for bottom cleaning only. See product specific owner manuals to ensure correct tips as they they vary greatly by unit:

Possible options:
Change pool option from small to large on the power supply
Make sure flotation cable reaches all area of the pool
Install optional Flotation – see manual
Clean filter bag

Q: Unit does not pick up debris:
A: Remove the outlet top and clean all debris from impeller. (See manual instructions)
Check to see if bag or filter basket is thoroughly clean (See manual for instructions)
Make sure intake valve is free and clean

Q: Debris comes out of the unit when removing unit from pool
A: Make sure filter bag is in place properly.
Make sure intake valves on the under side of your unit moves freely

Q: Should I take my robotic pool cleaner out of the pool once it is finished with the cleaning cycle?
A: The robotic pool cleaner should stay in the water at least 20 minutes after running to allow it to cool down before it is removed from the water.

Q: How often should I have my unit serviced?
A: Usually when you notice the wear and tear items are worn. Drive belts, sleeve rollers, brushes, etc.

Q: How do I get service for a Blue Diamond Cleaner?
A: Call 800-298-8800, or click the link below: