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English                             SETTING UP THE POOL BLASTER LEAF VAC

Battery Box                                                               Pole Adapter

1. Remove the set of 8 AA batteries                                       Secure the 2 yellow pins to
that are attached to the underside of                                     fasten the adapter in place
the unit.                                                                 as shown.

2. Remove the 2 thumb screws that                                         Debris Bag
hold the cover of the battery cham-
ber and carefully remove the battery                                      1. Place the mouth of the
holder that is attached to the wire                                       bag over the yellow collar
terminal connector..                                                      on the Leaf Vac.

      Warning:                                                            2. Secure the bag in
Do not mix old and new batteries.                                         place by squeezing the
Do not mix Alkaline, Carbon-Zinc, or                                      spring-loaded plastic slide.
Ni-Cad batteries.                                                         Pull on the cord until the
                                                                          bag tighten beneath the
3. Install batteries into the holder as                                   yellow collar.
shown. Assure the battery holder
and wire terminal are connected.
Orient the battery holder and wire
terminal to the right side of battery
compartment, as shown in Fig. 1.

4. Insert the batteries into the battery     Note:
chamber, as shown in Fig. 2 and Fig.
3.                                           While cleaning, leaves may settle around the propeller re-
                                             ducing cleaning effectiveness. Should this occur, just shake
5. The battery pack must sit deep            the Leaf Vac back and forth to dislodge the settling leaves
into the case. Not doing so will lead        and continue cleaning.
to damaging leakage during use.
                                             Attaching the Pool Pole

                                             Slide your pool pole on to the adapter until the plastic clip
                                             snaps into place on the pole.

6. Place the rubber gasket on the
battery chamber, as shown in Fig. 5.

7. Replace the battery chamber lid
and tighten the thumb screws.


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