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For Bottom Cleaning                                            Maintenance

Press the ON/OFF button on the battery box to start the Leaf   ALWAYS clean out the debris bag following each use and
Vac. Using the pool pole, lift the Leaf Vac into the pool and  carefully remove any debris that might be stuck in the propel-
guide it to the pool bottom in the “Wheels Down” position.     ler area of the cleaner.

For Surface Cleaning                                           Remove the batteries from the battery box prior to long-term
                                                               storage (ie. at the end of the pool season).
Push the pole adapter down
until the adapter locks in place.                                          IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS
Turn the cleaner “ON.”
                                                               1. Extreme care must be taken to avoid fingers,
The Leaf Vac may now be used                                   toes, hair or any other body part from coming in
in the “Wheels Up” position to                                 contact with the Impeller while the unit is
skim leaves and other floating                                 operating.
debris from the pool’s surface.
                                                               2. Operation of this unit by children and/or
Adjusting the Clearance Height                                 persons of diminished physical or mental
                                                               capacity is not recommended unless they are
The Leaf Vac is packaged                                       closely supervised by an authorized adult.
with its clearance height in the
“LOW” position.                                                3. Always check the battery box cap to make
                                                               sure that it is completely closed before each
The height of the Leaf Vac                                     use. If water enters the battery box, it can
can be raised up to 1/4 inch if                                damage the unit but is not considered a health
needed by doing the following:                                 hazard.

1. Use a small scewdriver or                                                                                                                Filter Bag
pair of needle-nose pliers to                                                                                                               LVAC022AP
remove the “E”-clip from the
top of the wheel pivot shaft.

2. Remove the wheel pivot                                      Pole Adapter Assembly         Filter Ring
shaft assembly. Don’t lose the                                 LVAC061                       LVAC056
“E” - clip and spacer.                                                                       Leaf Vac Body
(see Photo).                                                                                 LVAC100

3. Place the spacer on the
pivot shaft and guide the
shaft back into the body from

4. Replace the “E”-clip on the
top of the shaft.

Repeat these procedures on
the remaining 2 wheel pivot

                                                                   Battery Chamber Assembly  Wheel Assembly
                                                                   LVAC015                   LVAC050

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