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E Attaching the Pool Pole     F Turning the Cleaner On and Off

G Maintenance                                                  Brushes
                                      Brushes are added to the vacuum head. (Figure B)
1.                                 Different configurations are available. (6 Brushes Total)

2.                                                  Cleaning the Filter Bag
                                You should remove and clean the Filter Bag following each

                                                            use. (Figure G.1)
                               Don’t scrub the bag against itself while rinsing it. (Figure G.2)

                                                       Long Term Storage
                                Remove the Battery Pack from the charger before storage.
                                 Always clean the Nose Cap and Filter Bag before storing.
                                 Always store and charge your cleaner in a cool, dry indoor

                              Recharge the cleaner for 4 hours after each month of inactivity.

                                                            ADDITIONAL PARTS AVAILABLE:
                                               Shallow Water Hose Attachment (part No. PROASHA)
                                           To purchase, contact your retailer or call us at (800)298-8800

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