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Frequently Asked Questions

     Q: Can my cleaner be run out of water?
     A: Yes, for a short period of time when you turn it on before submerging into your pool or spa.

     Q: When I am cleaning my pool how do I know when the cleaner is out of battery power?
     A: Most people can feel the cleaner is running through vibration in the vacuum pole or handle.  To be sure, you can lift it out of the water to hear if it is running
     or not.

     Q: How often should I clean out my cleaner’s filter bag?
     A: You can clean your filter bag as often as you like with no ill effects. The filter bag can then be turned inside out and rinsed with a hose or in a sink. Do
     not wash it in a washing machine or with detergent. For more detailed instructions, see “Cleaning the Filter Bag” instructions in this manual.  For best
     results, do this after each use, or whenever you notice the performance of your cleaner declining.

     Q: Is it normal for me to hear air escaping out of the cleaner when I open the Motor Box Cap?
     A: Yes, the powerful motors heat the air in the motor box, which then expands, creating the air sound.

     Q: How can I stop dirt from coming out of the nozzle when I take the cleaner out of the water?
     A: There are two ways to remove the unit from the pool when done cleaning:
     WHEN USING HANDLE: Lift from pool with the nose facing up to allow the water to escape from the back and sides.
     WHEN USING A VACUUM POLE:  Remove the unit from the pool with the bottom facing upwards and the handle facing down.  This will allow the water to
     escape and keep the dirt inside.

     Q: What if I put the cleaner in the pool without the Motor Box Cap in place?
     A: Do not operate your cleaner if water gets inside the machine. Drain all water from the cleaner.  Do not use for at least 24 hours.  To avoid serious injury or
     damage, do not replace the Motor Box Cap or attempt to charge or operate your cleaner until it is completely dry.

     Q: Can I leave my cleaner’s battery pack on the charger all the time?
     A: After charging is complete, the Battery Pack and charger should be removed from the outlet. This will prevent overcharging and prolong the life of your
     battery pack. IMPORTANT: Disconnect the charger before storing your cleaner.

     Q: Where can I buy replacement parts?
     A: Look for original Water Tech replacement parts at your local retailer or call 1-(732)-967-9888 for more details.

     Q: Will my pool chemicals hurt the cleaner?
     A: This cleaner is designed to withstand pool chemicals during its usage period. However, it should be rinsed off with fresh water after it is removed from the
     pool. This will increase the life of the filter bag/seal ring.

     Q: Can I leave the cleaner in the pool when not in use?
     A: No. The cleaner should be removed from the pool and stored in a clean, dry place when not in use. This will increase the life of your cleaner and its

     Q: What do I do if my cleaner does not vacuum?
     A: Make sure your cleaner is completely submerged in the water and the air is out of the clear funnel. The cleaner is only designed to vacuum water and will not
     vacuum air. If that does not resolve your situation, please check the following:
                          • Make sure the filter bag is clear of debris that may be obstructing the flow.
                          • Make sure the Motor Box Cap has been installed correctly.
                          • Charge your cleaner for at least 5 hours.

     If none of the above help resolve the situation, please call our Customer Service Division at (732)-967-9888.

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