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As the industry innovator for over a decade, Water Tech has streamlined the task
of pool cleaning with our line of cordless, rechargeable Pool and Spa vacuums.
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Battery Powered Pool Cleaners For Commercial Use
  • Pool Blaster Pro 900
  • Pool Blaster Pro 1500
  • Water Tech Precision 2.0Li

  • Ultra Heavy Duty Use

    Battery Powered Robot Pool Cleaner
    Did you know we also have a battery powered, rechargeable robot?

    Battery Powered Aquarium Cleaner
    Safe To Use In All Types Of Fish Environments

    Battery Powered Leaf Vacuum

    Commercial Duty Use

    Heavy Duty Use

    Medium Duty Use

    Light Duty Use

    There’s strength in numbers
    Use our power rating system and duty classification to assist you in choosing the correct product class