Hercules Power-Rated 5000
Ideal For Smaller Commercial Swimming Pools

The Hercules Power-Rated 5000 is ideal for smaller commercial swimming pools like those found in hotels and motels, and pools incorporated within health spas.

The Hercules Power-Rated 5000 will automatically brush and vacuum the walls, sides, steps and even the waterlines of commercial pools. Its on-board pump will filter 4225 gallons of pool water per hour, trapping dirt and debris as small as algae in its self-contained reusable 2 micron filter bag. The Hercules Power-Rated 5000 Automatically shuts-off after 5 hours of operation.

From reliability of its microprocessor to the toughness of its ABS housings, the Hercules Power-Rated 5000 has been engineered to provide years of faithful, trouble-free service.

Unit is delivered complete with Caddy Cart, transformer, Floating cable, operating instructions and warranty documents





Product Details
•On/Off Button
•Automatic Shut Off after 5 hours
•Floor/Wall Cleaning
•Aqua Smart System enabled
•Caddy Included

•Power Rating: 5000
•Recommended pool size - up to 2,025 Sq ft
•Volume of water filtered - up to 4,225 gal / hr.
•Floating cable length - 100 ft.
•Drive motor - 24V-DC high speed submersible
•Pump motor - 24V-DC high efficiency
•Electrical specification - 115V/60Hz
•Dimensions - 20.25 x 20.25 x 20.625 inch
•Weight - 46 lbs.

•One (1) Year Warranty

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