Hercules Power-Rated 7000
Perfect For Mid-Size Commercial Facilities

The Hercules Power-Rated 7000 offers operators and maintenance personnel of mid-size commercial facilities (pools up to 82 ft. in length) the advantages of the wide body Hercules Power-Rated 9000 including the Aqua Smart System guidance technology, in a more compact package. The Hercules Power-Rated 7000 incorporates all six including wireless Remote Control.

It’s body size makes The Hercules Power-Rated 7000 highly maneuverable for “spot cleaning” areas requiring additional attention.

Unit is delivered complete with Stainless Steel Caddy Cart, transformer, cable, 4- directional wireless remote control, operating instructions and warranty documents





Product Details
•Automatic Shut-Off after cleaning cycle
•Zero Depth Detection System - Shuts off cleaner when out of water for extended
period to protect from out of water operation and overheating
•Infrared Obstacle Avoidance/Detection Sensor (Detects obstacles such as movable bulkheads, tile walls and fountains. Thus avoiding wear and tear wall contact)
•4 direction Radio Remote Control
•Six cleaning programs
•Advanced Power Supply with LCD display allows total control of cleaning options
•Caddy included

•Power Rating: 7000
•Recommended pool size - up to 6,400 Sq ft
•Volume of water filtered - up to 4,320 gal / hr.
•Floating cable length - 100 ft.
•Drive motor - 24V-DC high speed submersible
•Pump motor - 24V-DC high efficiency
•Electrical specification - 115V/60Hz
•Dimensions - 34.84 x 20.28 x 21.46 inch
•Weight - 99.87 lbs.

One (1) Year Warranty

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