Pool Blaster Power-Rated 2000RC
Same Great features As The Power-Rated 1000 Plus A Snazzy Remote Control

The 2000 incorporates all of the functions and power of the 1000 with the additional of radio remote control that allows the user to direct it to any area of the pool for precise spot-cleaning and fast clean-ups. It allows a partially-dirty pool to be cleaned crystal clear in up to half the time of the standard 1000.





Product Details
•Remote control included
•60 ft. cable
•Aqua Smart System enabled
•Caddy Included

•Power Rating: 2000
•Recommended pool size - up to 860 ft
•Volume of water filtered - up to 4225 gal / hr.
•Floating cable length - 60 ft.
•Drive motor - 24V-DC high speed submersible
•Pump motor - 24V-DC high efficiency
•Filter specification - reusable 2 micron
•Electrical specification - 230V / 50 Hz
•Dimensions - 20 1/4 x 20 1/4 x20 1/4 inch
•Weight - 46 lbs.

•Warranty: 2 year / 300 cycles

Product Video - Not available at this time