Pool Blaster Power-Rated 4000 RC
A machine with the power of a commercial cleaner at the price of a residential unit,

this is the very best residential robotic pool cleaner ever produced, bar none. It incorporates everything the 3000 offers plus radio remote control, adding the element of warp speed to every cleaning cycle.

Often a pool can be cleaned in as little as a half hour. In addition, it offers numerous other additional programming options, also the best selection in any pool cleaner in history.





Product Details
•60 ft. cable
•External Timer Capable
•Top load access to filter
•Electronic Swivel
•Remote Control
•Programs: 3
•Internal Timer
•Aqua Smart System enabled
•Top load access to filter
•Caddy Included

•Power Rating: 4000
•Recommended pool size - up to 1076 ft
•Volume of water filtered - up to 4225 gal / hr.
•Floating cable length - 75 ft.
•Drive motor - 24V-DC high speed submersible
•Pump motor - 24V-DC high efficiency
•Filter specification - reusable 2 micron
•Electrical specification - 230V / 50 Hz
•Dimensions - 20 1/4 x 20 1/4 x20 1/4 inch
•Weight - 46 lbs.

•Warranty: 3 year / 400 cycles

Product Video - Not available at this time